I write as a doorway, as a key to my own emotions, my thoughts, my feelings, that I never knew I had, or are locked away so tightly that I could never think to get to them without the pen as my key. Writing is a place where I can be honest with myself, a true outlet. In my writing I can reflect on these feelings, and think about them from a different angle, or maybe even a new perspective. To varying degrees, I’ve always found my own personal feelings at the time to be a go-to for character development, whether that be a simple character quirk or central theme of a piece. This is the truest form of cathartic freedom in my mind. As I feel these characters stories unravel and unfold before me, they are actually mine. Drawing on this creativity has never been new to me, though doing it for an assignment sure as hell is. Naturally, and you’re going to hate me for this, it’s a pun but I don’t mean it, I swear, I first found myself in the world of biology, falling in love with the world of environmental science. I know, right? I was fascinated by the workings of nature and the call to protect it. While being a scientist turns out to have not been my calling in life, the environmental world has never stopped being my motivator, both as my muse for creative writing, and even as a potential career goal. There is no power like the written word, that of spoken rhetoric or written rhetoric. And using that power, I hope to someday protect what needs to be protected. Ultimately I hope I can combine these two passions and become a technical writer in the field of environmental science or environmental studies, helping the world to realize what is important