Writing is a reflection of thoughts. I write with the realization that thoughts, good and bad, are the blocks of this world, the negative and positive, were built with. Man has sung his praises, and cried his grievances for eons. One hears wolves howl under the moon, and birds chirping at sunrise. All thee sounds spring from the entity, expressing some feeling. Writing is the vessel for their preservation. Attachment to values is something most humans do. How many objects are more valuable than human thoughts?

My first breath in this world, as the color of my image, connected me to a captive society, linked me to the struggles and successes of an oppressed and divine ancestry. I have an obligation, my instinct tells me, to re-express their hardships, and emphasize their victories to all those traveling the path they walked. That path is the road of freedom, justice, and equality in a world ruled by men with a preference for slavery, death, and destruction. Once I made the connection between the social factors of my pre-birth and post-birth, and the recorded ideas of the friends and enemies of freedom, justice and equality, my index, middle and thumb fingers strengthened.

Writing is a baton our ancestors handed on for our examination to advance civilization. My pen runs with this baton for the emotions and minds of the people. Pens write the blueprint for the cultural buildings of future generations.

The design of today’s cultural buildings in America are beautiful on the outside. It can boast quality, the best technology, and a clean texture. But on the inside, America’s cultural buildings stink. The smells in this house rank in the top 10 in all the world’s most negative statistics, according to the research of listovatile. In racism, the U.S. ranks 10th, in prisoners, it ranks 1st, in rape crimes, it ranks 1st, in killings, the whole Americas leads, in obesity, it’s tied for 1st.

A tree is identified by its fruit. The fruit of any culture manifests in behavior, and the behavior of our people in general is an indictment of American culture, its religion, its educational system, and its traditions. For it to be the gold standard of the world, a fire must transform our culture. The dissatisfied citizens must write, write to steer the course of culture for future generations in a more moral direction.