Why I write. Nouns and pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, help build the power of my words. So I write to fully express myself, as sometimes in speech the time restrains my full thoughts. I write to reach out to those whom I may never meet in person. I write to release the words that are hidden in my heart, and my subconscious that pricks and provokes the words that have been lost. Writing allows me to escape from my current incarceration, and in doing so I can speak unhindered and uninterrupted, as my words travel from my heart and my mind to my brain, and then travels down my arm to my hands, and to the pen that is in my hands so that I can place my thoughts on paper. They are now no longer hidden, but out for the whole world to see, and sometime hear my voice through my writing.

As a parent of nine girls and six boys I have an obligation to leave them a lasting legacy as my gift to them as an inheritance. As a minister of the gospel, I have an obligation to educate, enlighten, and sometimes even entertain. When I write my sermon it allows me to express the love of Christ to myself prior to expressing it my audience. I write about every aspect of my life, as a son, brother, uncle, cousin, father, husband, grandfather, nephew, soldier, minister, and even a prisoner of society. Even though I am physically restrained, I am spiritually free, and that is why I truly write: to allow others to share in my spiritual freedom that is available to all who would seek it. And that is why I write.