You Got This

One of the reasons I write is because it helps me get rid of my doubts, uncertainty, I write down my accomplishments and remind myself that it’s because of my hard work that I have made it this far. Know myself well enough to know that I am the only one standing in my way. Look how far I’ve come, all my accomplishments all the obstacles I have overcome just to get here I won’t let anyone or anything stand in my way. I’m I brave enough to go for it, to make my dreams a reality of course I’ve been a nervous wreck my whole life, so you’re nervous and scared of the world but why do I have so much fear?

Would you believe me if I told you there was a fate worse than death? A life filled with regret, don’t you think this is far worse than someone who’s dying, but had the courage to do everything that he or she ever truly wanted and desired. To never try is the ultimate fail is what I have been telling myself, I see other people my age getting money and following their dreams and I’m just here sitting still watching life go by. Fuck it I am 23 years old I have to go out in the world make it. Always wondering what if no I refuse I am not going die with a coffin filled with regret. My life will be an adventure fill with love, laughter, a few heartbreaks because I will never be afraid to put myself out there. I’m going to make people smile, cry, think, happy from a film that I have a created I won’t be afraid to be great, I will be great we all have potential to be great and was put in this earth to improve someone’s life to make someone else smile to pick someone up when there knock down.

To love someone, am I crazy to think that everyone in this planet has a soulmate? Were humans we wasn’t built to be alone. Don’t you ever think about meeting that person? How special that moment will be when you look into that person eyes and you just knew that God made this person especially for you. This person will accept you for your weirdness, awkwardness, wouldn’t mind your silly little laugh or that scar that you try to hide from everyone no this person really love you for you and this person even loves your imperfection the things you really hate about yourself, this person thinks your perfect and you don’t know why but your filled with so much joy that someone feels this way about you.

Its funny because I am sitting down writing this and I realize how silly fear is, isn’t it just all in my head its not even real I can’t touch fear or see it, so why do I let fear something that’s not even real hold me back. I don’t want to die with a coffin filled with regret. I will do everything that I have ever wanted and make my dreams come true.