Why I write. I write because I was in love with words before I even knew it. The power of them, the way you can draw strength from them, how they can take your mind on an escapade, like a cloud in a novel, takes me to the jungles of Cambodia. Or like a geographical jewel, inviting you to the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. No matter if they were written today or millennia ago, some words are ageless. Some are so vital to the heartbeat of mankind they are protected and guarded like a pot of gold and diamonds, passed down from generation to generation, they are like fruits from the tree of life that’s made for everyone to eat from, no matter your age, color or creed.

I write because I love the way words can transform, the way they can touch the depths of one’s soul, giving them butterflies, making them feel warm inside. I write to build, to combat the ones who write to destroy, the ones who are doing everything in their power to destroy mankind. I write to destroy the hate-preachers and mongers who reveal their true identity, to expose the cloak of innocence that’s actually draped in deceit. I write to inform of the good and bad of mankind, to inform of ways for us to see past our differences, for us to see that no one’s different.

I write because I want my words to be that bridge that helps to close the gap to unity. I write for motivation, for inspiration. I write to provoke thought, to show that we can persistently try to do good instead of persistently always doing bad.

I write because I love the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, because the more I write, the more I want to learn, the more I want to evolve. I write because education, as Malcolm X said, is the only passport to the future.

I write because when I can’t depend on family, loved ones and friends, I can always depend on my paper and pen to uplift me and take me to new heights. Because when I get lonely, down, feel like giving up, I can always read my words and remind myself to never give up and always keep up the fight.

I write because I love the way sentences, paragraphs, poems, essays, and many other forms of writing are formed, with verbs, metaphors and punch-lines. Words that aren’t careful can explode like landmines, but can also feed the heart just as well as the mind, words that can make you feel reposed, at ease, and always at peace.

I write for these reasons, and a billion and one other reasons and more. Because writing is a gift that’s made to pass on and not store, that can be used like medicine to soothe and bless the core. I write to be better now than I was before. I write because I love to write.