Writing is a platform where I can find myself understood and through being understood open people’s perspectives so that they can see what I see. Writing allows me to see how intricate life can be instead of viewing it as complex and bent on reminding me of how little I know. But I know my experience.

To make writing the focus of my career was my first major decision, and I chose it as soon as studying science took all my time away from the arts. My schoolwork became priority, and I became very depressed. If writing wasn’t the center of my life, I couldn’t find importance or worth in pursuing it on the side, because no one would notice it. I didn’t want my creative activities to be dismissed as a hobby when it means so much more to me and I treasure it. Writing allows me to communicate more effectively how I really feel, and who I am. It allows me to sort out my thoughts.

I only pursued Biology hoping it could grow on me, and to make my family happy. They wanted me to give science a chance, but it just wasn’t for me. I was good in my studies for a while, but then I realized I had no reason to keep going for it. I didn’t care about science. I began to fail classes, and I lost my drive around the time that my dad had quadruple bypass surgery. There were complications afterward and he passed away after months of rehabilitation.

I decided to go for English, and I stood by it with passion I thought I had lost over the years trying to be a doctor. I felt strength in going for English because I was going in the direction of my fears- fear of going against my family and fear of putting myself out there. But with writing I abide by that mantra of letting where I really want to go, against the grain, have a real presence and importance through writing. It’s a fear I always struggle with, but I knew I needed to write to gain confidence in my perspective. I write to bring meaning to the world, and explore how deep I can see, through a keyboard. I try to grasp the beauty in what we see every day, so we never get tired of it and don’t have to search so hard for it. I’m not sure who specifically I want to reach or exactly how. I just want to give readers something to rely and reflect on so they aren’t stuck chasing time.