The constellation of Capricorn stepped out of rank dominating the inky black heavens above the earth, as if saying:“It is my time to influence the earth. I will fortell the possibilities of mankind, both wonderful and awful.”

Below, – champagne flowed, revelers filled the streets singing songs – bitter and sweet. Couples – romantically embraced. The world – partied at a frantic pace. Bidding farewell to the old – and, exuberantly welcoming – the new.

Above – Capricorn whispered, “I am the light of new beginnings. – Observe the surrounding activities and divine my message and meaning.” Below – the magic and innocence of the 70s dwindled away. The world, – expectantly stood at the precipice of a new day – a new, uncertain era. What was about to happen? No one knew for sure, we’d find out together.

Across the globe, strong men from Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia had just taken their respective seats, or shortly would. Among the throng of humanity – in an insignificant corner of Miami – a male child was born. That child was me. It was 1/1/80.

I was one of the first of a generation that would later be called “a generation of bliss and disobedience.” I being a Capricorn, embody this duality completely. In my youth, my untamed hands swung like pendulum from acts – good to bad – and back again.

As I grew older, I learned that hands that cheerfully helped old ladies cross the street should – not in the next breath – rob. Hands that lovingly cradle a sleeping baby should not later punch the neighbor in the nose. For me there was not much middle ground, I was turned on or off, loved or hated, suffering from anxiety or was full of myself. – As I think about it – isn’t that so 80ish; doesn’t the embodiment of such polarizing contradictory acts describe the era that brought us such garishly beautiful monstrosities like Madonna and NWA – but that’s another conversation.

I once wondered if there was any significant meaning to a person’s birthdate. In a heady moment I surmised that my astrological alignment destined me for greatness. Boy was I wrong. Being the first astrologically does not guarantee anything – Just like being tall does not guarantee a job in the NBA. No matter your physical or astrological pedigree, one must work to meet their divine destiny. A person must wrestle to subdue their lower nature to prevent the possible awful outcome of their life from being. If I’ve learned anything it is this: every sign, wonder and prophecy is double-sided. There is a possible terrible outcome and there is a sublime. As intelligent beings we must choose the positive at every junction to prevent negativity from dominating our path.

I write to give hands that were once prone to contradictory acts, a resolute directive, a directive to create and not destroy. I write to tell the universe – I will become what I was destined to be – just as soon as I get these damn handcuffs off my wrist.