I write because of the calmness brought to my mind, letting my emotions run free is one of a kind, before they were held down, immobile as if shackled, but now with writing it down I feel these emotions can be tackled, I write because of my loved ones, my family and friends, I write because Facebook gave me enough likes to rap again, you see with me that’s how it started, one bored night, I sat on my phone, boredom got to me and I felt so alone, so I jump on Facebook and started to type, “Like my status and I’ll send you a rap tonight”, the females got personal raps that made them feel giddy, the males got the street raps that were edgy and gritty, it showed my two sides like the metropolis and the underbelly of the city, such a night and day difference like that between a grizzly and a kitty, so as I wrote the words had compounded, one by one the likes and comments had sounded,

fast forward a couple of years later and the girlfriend I had found, made me so full of emotions and thoughts that I had to write them down, never at that time was I so driven to rhyme, I got lost and could not comprehend the passage of time, for the minutes I thought as I toiled along, turned into 2 hours and I had written a song, see that’s writing unconsciously, I was so driven by the cause, I didn’t want to look up from the screen, never taking a pause, I saw what beauty I created in my thoughts, and enjoyed the feeling of putting my soul into something and got lost, it was like an addiction, I kept going back to, not being able to control it, the birth of my affliction, even though the words have been digitally loss, I remember the love felt when my real emotions came across,

you see combining words can bring about meanings stemming from provoking laughter to being serious, depending on the directive of the distinctive lyricist, I’m blessed to see others destroy the pen, by creating metaphors that mind boggle, and that makes heads spin, writing can effect a generation, or used like I did to rap for Facebook or for an ex-girlfriend, it gives us all a voice, echoing to no end, I write for the laughter and effect that I can create connecting paper to pen.