Why do I write?
I write cause to my problems that seem to make sense,
I write to get the team loser off of the bench.
A true story have your hand in a clench,
cuz it filled with suspense,
up and down from beginning to end.
Every ending is a new beginning, right?
I write so I can win it.
I write to see the best inside of women,
to see a best friend to really become a best man,
put color to sin and fear in man
make a bird make plans.
I write I love the stroke of the pen,
when I write notes to friends
or a book on sin.
Become one with the wind,
make you feel me without seeing me.
I write for better clearancy,
I write to show you how I picture me, yes.
I write to take the first step,
is it right, or a for show left,
create life, help accept death.
I write when there’s nothing else
to be spoke upon. Saw a bird or a broken home.
Success has only one road,
only me there’s only one mode.
I write because there’s too many reasons to.
I write so you can quote me.