I write because it’s natural, seeing it’s no different than the memories we sear upon our brains. Writing is more than thinking or seeing pictures in our private chambers. I write because I’m able to give away my thoughts after taking aim and painting or forming the clay. I write because it’s the ultimate freedom. Writing is the agent of the whole emotional spectrum. It’s the language of animation, life from motivation to inspiration. I write because it’s a faithful messenger subject to insight only. I write because it’s deep. It’s beyond magical and goes only as far as the scribe can see. I write because it helps me see what’s inside of me. It helps me clarify, understand and teach. Writing is a fire that never consumes. It dazzles brightly, radiant colors of life. Writing preserves the words of the dearly departed. They also mend the love of the broken-hearted. Every important act is listed in writing, the laws included. Writing is the language of the learned, even though fools speak.

Writing to me is wonderful and I love it. I write because it’s a passion, it gives the quiet a voice. I write because not only is it a mountain, but it’s me at the top telling my story.